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When Should You Repipe?

Let's say your building has had its fair share of plumbing problems. So when do you bite the bullet and make the decision to repipe?

Past history has taught us that a multi-family residential building is ready for repiping when it reaches the magic age of 20 to 25 years. The majority of low-rise wood frame buildings would typically last 25 to 30 years before needing a complete plumbing retrofit.

Recently however, the average age of buildings requiring repiping has been dropping. Inquiries from owners and managers asking about the repipe option are coming from buildings as new as 5 years old! Many buildings experience serious damaging leaks beginning as early as their 10th or 12th year.

Not all costs are calculated into determining how much plumbing leaks cost. Consider all costs when adding up the money leak:

  1. How much money is being spent on plumbing repairs?
  2. How much are you spending on remedial work to repair damage caused by those plumbing leaks?
  3. If you are a building owner, how many residents are moving out because of the inconvenience caused by leaks?
  4. Consider also the time units cannot be occupied while repairs are being performed.
  5. How much is being spent on claims from residents resulting from leaks?
  6. If you own your own condo, what is the drop in your resale price?
  7. How much of your time is spent dealing with plumbing leak issues as a property owner, property manager or board member?
  8. What is your total cost of your repairs for the last 2 years and are they becoming more frequent?
  9. How much is your insurance costing you? Increased deductible, or worse, no insurance at all, are not uncommon for new and old buildings with problematic plumbing systems. Some insurance companies will still insure your building but expressly limit the amounts payable for claims resulting from plumbing leaks.
  10. When all the dollar figures have been factored in you must now add an amount for RISK. How much of a gambler are you? You may have replaced a branch line this time. You have replaced part of the recirculation pipe last month. Two months ago it was part of the hot water riser up on the second floor that rained down on two units on the first floor. Risk is a cost too, although it may not be evident.

All work completed in compliance with state and local codes. Company and city inspections completed on all repipes regardless of type, including cleaning of all work areas. Foreman available during repiping of property. Bonded and insured licensed plumbing contractor.

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