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Established in 1981, John Heinl Plumbing, Inc. has established itself the leader in copper re-piping. Few can match the experience and expertise gained through the successful re-piping of thousands of homes throughout Southern California in the last decade alone. Your home is too valuable to trust just any contractor. Take comfort with our experienced team of re-pipe professionals.

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The process of re-piping your home.

When our team arrives at your home in the morning, the first thing our professional re-pipers do is start putting paper or tarps down on the floors and start putting plastic up to protect the areas of your home that are needed.

Then the work begins! Our trained, experienced crew goes right to work to get the job done.

Once the water is turned back on, they get right to work cleaning up. Several clients have remarked how clean, professional and courteous our staff is. Some have even said it was like they weren’t even there!

Then, our professional patch crew gets to work patching the walls back to paint ready. Read more »

When should you repipe?

  • When you turn the tub or shower on and rusty water comes out
  • When you are taking a shower, someone flushes the toilet and you get scalded.
  • When you have very low water pressure.
  • When you have old galvanized pipes.
  • When you have a slab leak.

Types of Copper and Valves we use:

Wherever possible we use American made pipe and fittings.

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We service all of Southern California from San Clemente to Santa Clarita and everywhere in between.

Our customers are saying...

Mr. John Heinl,

I have been involved with construction most of my life. It gives me a sense of pride knowing that hard work and quality results are still available here in Southern California. I would strongly recommend John Heinl and company to anyone needing your service.

James McAfee Miller
Long Beach, California

Dear John,

The crew you sent out to repipe did an awesome job. They worked together well, were fast, efficient and neat. I am so happy with the finished job and will use you again in the future.

Thank you and thank your guys again for me. As far as I’m concerned they deserve a bonus for the fantastic job they did.

Carol Gillette
Huntington Beach, California


Thank you for such wonderful work! You run a great organization.

Joe Merant
La Habra, California
- Read More »

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