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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the re-piping process take for an average home?

A: Depending upon the construction type of the home and the number of fixtures, the average home can usually be completed the same day, with patching done after inspection.

Q: Is it necessary for someone to be present during this process?

A: Our mechanics are bonded professionals. Once you have let them in and show them around the house, identifying the fixtures and their location, you can leave and return knowing the work will be completed in a professional manner. We pride ourselves in doing high quality work you can trust.

Q: Will we be living in a "mess" while your people are doing the work?

A: Our policy is to make sure everything is cleaned up at the end of each day and all the fixtures in the house
are back in working order. We will do everything possible so as to not disrupt your normal routine.

Q: Is it necessary to turn the water off the entire house during this process?

A: Typically we would turn off the water to all the fixtures in the house to avoid any possible chance of water damage, so the answer is yes.

Q: I am always curious about what is going on in my house; will I be able to get my questions answered?

A: Certainly! Our staff will do everything possible to answer your questions about what they are doing and the reasons why. We pride ourselves in knowing what processes we will follow and in an effort to make you happy with what we are doing we will help you understand.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for you to do your work?

A: All you should have to do is clean out under the sinks and wherever else the estimator indicates, move the fragile pieces of furniture or artwork and personal property. We respect your property and will do everything possible to protect all the items in your home. If there are items that are too heavy or too fragile for you to move alone, we will assist you, just let us know.

Q: Does this work require a permit and if so how do I get one?

A: It will be necessary to get a permit but that is something we handle for you. Each job requires inspections to be completed,
usually, by a local official. At the completion of the job we will contact the officials that are necessary and work with them to complete the inspection.

Q: Can you give us a firm start and completion date?

A: We will give you both a start date and a completion date and adhere to them. The only exception to that may be any additional work you may ask us to do while we are there or unforeseen weather conditions. Our intentions are to meet your realistic deadlines.

Q: Do you offer any type of warranty and if so what does it cost?

A: We do offer a warranty, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for as long as you own your home. The warranty covers both material and labor and does not cost you anything additional.

Q: How do you repair or replace the pipes that are in the ground or in the concrete?

A: In the case of leaky lines in a concrete slab, we would either expose the line and replace it or disconnect the ends and reroute the line, whichever method is least costly and least invasive.

Q: Will we see where the access points were after you complete the job?

A: We do everything possible to assure that the access points will not show. Our expert craftsmen do an excellent job of refitting the drywall in the areas from which it was removed and tape and texture the area to match the surrounding wall.

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